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hi! I’m teresa. I operate from the view point that we are spiritual, emotional and physical beings. therefore, our systems must be addressed as a whole.

90% of physical pain is caused by past trauma and unresolved emotional issues.

intuitive body work is a way to release the body from pain that incorporates physical release as well as emotional coaching and holistic trauma integration.


decipher the messages your body is giving you

Our bodies have deep wisdom but our minds often get in the way. It can be really confusing when we develop pain out of no where and we’re not getting answers on how to resolve it. However, using The VOILA method, we can figure out what the pain is trying to communicate to you and how to address it. An easy way to think of this is that P.A.I.N stands for Pay Attention Integrate Now. Pain is just a signal that something from your past needs to be integrated. This could be physical AND/OR emotional. The body is designed to be a self-healing mechanism…sometimes it just needs a little help!

heal past traumas

We all have trauma. The definition of trauma is simply a situation that causes distress within a being that is not resolved at the time the situation happens. Our emotions are actually just messengers trying to communicate with us…so ALL emotions are valid. Often, we bull doze ourselves and try to talk ourselves out of feeling a certain way. After all, we were taught to do this as children. What’s the problem with this? When we suppress our emotions, they actually get bigger and attract more energy. Since we live in time space reality where the Law of Attraction is at play, past traumas will continue to mirror to us if they go unresolved. This is why you see so many patterns through out your life. In order to heal, we need to experience the OPPOSITE of the trauma. To do this, I use The Completion Process developed by Teal Swan.

don’t feel better, get better at feeling!

Re-experiencing past traumas and truly feeling your emotions can be terrifying if you’ve never done it before. If you’ve been using coping mechanisms to avoid FEELING for a long time, you might be afraid to know what that’s like. I can safely guide you through the experience so that it’s a loving, complete, life-changing process. The key to manifesting your desires and keeping your emotional body healthy is actually learning how to FEEL your emotions instead of suppressing them. Your emotions are the doorway to your repressed memories and they will show us everything we need to know to integrate and essentially experience a re-birth.

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