A lion is a powerful symbol of STRENGTH, courage, and healing.



You can become stronger than ever, have the courage to do the tough stuff, yet learn to foster change around loving yourself. Being a lion is as much physical as it is mental.


Movement and physical exercise is a not a punishment - it's a glorious HEALING gift you can give your body. It shows you what you're capable of. It's also one of the greatest tools we can use as a catalyst for change and evolution in all aspects of our lives. If you couple it with proper nourishment - you can be unstoppable. You can find your inner badass and live the expansive life you've always fantasized about. You can BE A LION.



Even when you're a LION...Change can be scary! That's why the BE A LION strategy is to learn how to LOVE YOURSELF in order to CHANGE YOURSELF. For you to have the strength and courage to foster change, you have to attack your goals from a loving place that feels safe. The key to success is to take things slowly and zero in on specific issues you have around nutrition and exercise. You can implement habits that fit your lifestyle and goals without sacrificing enjoyment in life.


eat food that nourishes your body....and soul

A huge part of becoming a lion is learning how to eat nourishing fuel. This is easier said than done when you haven't developed the SKILLS around this.

You can't BE A LION with a quick-fix approach. In order for your habits to be sustainable, it's important to eat food that nourishes your body AND soul, while still allowing you to see any physical changes you wish to see. The key is having STANDARDS you set for yourself and knowledge of actionable steps that lead to better HABITS. When you're a LION, you can always have an attack plan and feel confident in your decisions.




Teresa Brenneman is the founder and operator of HOW TO BE A LION. She attended the School of Exercise Training and Science in Phoenix, AZ and is a Pilates instructor and an NSCA-CPT.


In-person coaching with Teresa is available at DelaFIT in Scottsdale, AZ.


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