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Facilitating healing for others is one of my greatest passions in life.

How did I discover this?

I was lost.

I was terrified to admit I was lost.

But when I finally did…I started to find myself.

What helped the most?

Ultimately, I stopped trying to feel better and I got better at feeling.

My passion for helping others began with personal training. I really enjoyed getting to know my clients on a deeper level and gently encouraging them to look at movement as medicine and a way to cultivate a true connection with the physical body. Presently, as a part-owner of TriCore Group Fitness, we bring the same philosophy to the group fitness setting. Our mission is to create an inclusive, loving community where all are welcome to start a healthy, curious movement practice (for more info check out TriCoreFit.com).

Personal training lead me to learning stretch therapy and various forms of bodywork. A lot of my clients were coming in with pain or skipping workouts because of injury. I’ve always been curious and fascinated by the human body, anatomy, and physiology, but through bodywork, I realized a lot of the stuff people were “holding” in their bodies was not actually a purely physical issue. I was perplexed how people would try every physical healing modality and still have pain. Personally, I also started to experience strange pains in my body that began to be debilitating and I set out on a journey to heal myself.

Addressing my physical pain caused me to finally open my eyes as to why I had experienced years of crippling codependency, depression, anxiety, failed romantic relationships and friendships, lack of purpose in life, a drinking problem, and a 15-year-long eating disorder…Just to name a few. My body was trying to communicate to me that my coping mechanisms were no longer working and keeping me unaware of my misery. The pain I was experiencing because of coping was actually worse than the pain I was avoiding. I discovered that coping is the enemy of healing.

My journey down the path of healing lead me to all sorts of modalities that all served a purpose. Through Reiki, The Completion Process, my Pilates practice, meditation, and seeking out the teachings of various spiritual guides, I had an awakening. I realized I was avoiding pain from my past and trying to distract myself in any way that I could. Once I implemented a personal practice and committed to healing, I noticed a huge shift.

Gone was my disordered eating behavior. Gone was my drinking problem. Gone was my panic and constant anxiety. Gone was my inability to feel my emotions.

I finally woke up to the fragments of myself that I had rejected and my inner child that I had abandoned for so many years. I had denied, suppressed, rejected, and disowned so many parts of myself. Once I brought those parts into alignment…healing was able to actually take place.

It didn’t happen over night and I will ALWAYS be on the path to healing, but I’m forever grateful for the tools that got me there. Once you accept that there will always be work to be done, you start to enjoy the process. It’s my calling to share these tools with the world.

i’m honored that you would consider me to be your guide in the process of healing from the inside out.


Completion Process Certified Practitioner

SRT (Soft-Stretch Release Techniques) Specialist

VOILA Method Certified Practitioner

Transformational Reiki Level 3

TriCore Movement Specialist and Reformer Pilates Instructor

The following beliefs stem from my hands-on experience working with others and through my own movement and healing journey

It Starts with self Respect

Most of us grew up in a culture and society where we are taught to look at our bodies (and even ourselves as a whole) and search for every flaw and imperfection. Negative self-talk is the norm. We are programmed to believe there is something wrong with us at all times and just our simple state of being is never good enough. Having self RESPECT for your body and your own needs will eventually turn into self-love, but it's difficult to have a loving relationship with your body when your body image is skewed or when you bulldoze your emotional needs. Getting in touch with your physical body and your internal world is key.

the emotional and the physical are not separate

It’s HEAVY carrying around emotional baggage. Additionally, our bodies energetically store emotions and that can manifest into physical pain. Physical pain is a red flag; an alert that something needs to be addressed. Our natural state of being is healthy and in alignment and the body is a self-healing organism. If you are out of alignment and experiencing physical symptoms, you must tap into the emotional body in addition to the physical. Your subconscious knows exactly what you need to release, but we have to allow it to show us what needs to move in order to do so. I can guide you through this process in a safe way.

Change Must Come From a Loving Place + healing might be necessary first

If you want to change your body and mindset in some way, that’s great! I’m here to help you tap into your internal guidance system so you’re able to do that. Everyone has different goals for different reasons, however, it's important to develop a loving, respectful relationship with yourself first. I've learned the hard way that you can't hate your body or yourself into changing. Validating your emotions and respecting where you are in the present at is the foundation for all change and growth. Just know that even the inner parts of yourself that are seemingly judgmental and mean actually have your best interest in mind. Together we can bring those parts of yourself in alignment.


Physical movement is very important for a healthy body and overall energetic alignment. I coach machine-based Pilates and strength training for this reason. Movement is KEY when working through heavy emotional release, not only for the physical benefits, but for the mental benefits as well. A regular movement practice is the best anti-depressant you could use. However, it’s important to find movement that brings you joy and doesn’t feel like a chore. As physical beings, we’re meant to move ourselves in some way, so perhaps you haven’t experimented with enough if you haven’t found something you like. You might have a block when it comes to movement because of suppressed memories or negative self-talk. We can work through that to find something you enjoy.

i love what lion energy represents: Strength, healing, + courage.with proper support and guidance, we all have the power to manifest this powerful energy within ourselves.