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helping to facilitate healing for others is one of my greatest passions in life.

How did I discover this?

I was lost.

I was terrified to admit I was lost.

But when I finally did…I started to find myself.

What helped the most?

I stopped trying to feel better and I got better at feeling.

My motivation to heal myself stemmed from years of failed romantic relationships, crippling codependency, depression, anxiety, lack of purpose in life, a drinking problem, and a 15-year-long eating disorder…Just to name a few. However, eventually my coping mechanisms caught up with me and they were no longer keeping me unaware of my misery.

My journey down the path of healing lead me to all sorts of modalities that all served a purpose. Through Reiki, The Completion Process, meditation, and seeking out the teachings of various spiritual guides, I had an awakening.

Gone was my disordered eating behavior. Gone was my drinking problem. Gone was my panic and constant anxiety. Gone was my inability to feel my emotions.

I finally woke up to my fragments of myself and my inner child that I had abandoned for so many years. I had denied, suppressed, rejected, and disowned so many parts of myself. Once I brought those parts into alignment…healing was able to actually take place.

It didn’t happen over night and I will ALWAYS be on the path to healing, but I’m forever grateful for the tools that got me there. It’s my calling to share them with the world.

i’m honored that you would consider me to be your guide in the process of healing from the inside out.


Completion Process Certified Practitioner

SRT Specialist

VOILA Method Certified Practitioner

Transformational Reiki Level 3

TriCore Movement Specialist and Reformer Pilates Instructor

The following beliefs stem from my hands-on experience working with others and through my own movement and self-healing practice:

It Starts with Body Respect

Most of us grew up in a culture and society where we are taught to look at our bodies and search for every flaw and imperfection. Negative self-talk is the norm. We are programmed to believe there is something wrong with us at all times and just our simple state of being is never good enough. Having RESPECT for your body will eventually turn into love, but it's difficult to have a loving relationship with your body when your body image is skewed. Learn to respect your body and the rest will follow.

the emotional and the physical are not separate

It’s HEAVY carrying around emotional baggage. Additionally, our bodies energetically store emotions and that can manifest into physical pain. Physical pain is a red flag; an alert that something needs to be addressed. Your subconscious knows exactly what you need to release, but we have to tap into that in order to do so. I can guide you through this process in a safe way.

Change Must Come From a Loving Place + healing might be necessary first

If you want to change your body and mindset in some way, that’s great! I’m here to help you tap into your internal guidance system so you’re able to do that. Everyone has different goals for different reasons, however, it's important to develop a loving, respectful relationship with yourself first. I've learned the hard way that you can't hate your body or yourself into changing. Validating your emotions and respecting where you are at is the foundation for all change and growth.