Why Bodyweight Training is Badass

Everyone once in a while, I get the urge to try something I haven’t done in awhile. I tend to get set in my ways with my workout regime and do the same thing over and over until I get bored. I like what I like! Why fix it if it ain’t broke? Well, we all know there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing and the same goes with movement. You can’t pigeonhole yourself into the same stuff all the time.

Our bodies are meant to move in a million different ways and in different directions. You don’t always need equipment to do this.

Ever since I started working at a studio that has everything from Pilates reformers and Total Gym machines to barbells, dumbbells, and Kinesis, I’ve felt like a kid in a candy shop! Getting to play with all these new and exciting toys has spoiled me and caused me to forget about the best tool you own…your actual body.

Bodyweight training is badass for several reasons:


1)   It’s great for beginners. FORM is very important and it allows you to get to know your body own body and how it moves without the risk of a heavy external load. You can perfect your form with little risk of injury. Since bodyweight is the baseline to all movement, it's easy to slowly progress into using weight.

2)   For you folks that can’t ever seem to make it to the gym. You can do it anywhere, anytime. No excuses.

3)   Hell, bodyweight training is legit for the seasoned lifter as well. It can help address any postural deviations and muscle imbalances.

4) Core stabilization is essential and bodyweight training forces you to be more aware of tension and how to hold it for certain lifts. Holding tension in your body is very important for measuring intensity and properly targeting certain muscle groups. If all you have is your bodyweight, it forces you to use tension as a tool.

5)   SIMPLICITY. There’s no simpler way to feel connected to your body, improve mobility, and strengthen proper posture.

Here’s a quick full-body circuit you can try at home! Rest for 30 seconds in between each move and try for 3 rounds. I like the "Seconds" App-- you can program in your moves and it'll time your rests.

1)   15 Walking Lunges

2)   15 Single Leg Toe Touch (weight evenly distributed on the foot, brace core, shoot hips back)

3)   15 Hand-release Pushups (focus on bringing your shoulder blades together)

4)   15 Plank to Downward Dog

5)   15 Bird-dogs (keep hips squared!)

6)   60 second Forearm Plank (force yourself into a posterior pelvic tilt by tucking your tailbone and crunching your abs)




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