#badassbride Success Story: Meet Jacqueline

Hey there everyone. My name is Jacqueline Keidel Martinez, and I’m standing in for Teresa today with a guest post for her #badassbride series. I’m super excited yet super nervous to share my story with you, but I hope you feel inspired by the journey I’ve taken!

 A cycle of self-hate

 Before training with Teresa, I had lived the same story that almost every woman out there has lived:

Step 1: Negative self-talk about weight and appearance (155 lbs.)

Step 2: Cardio, starve, and obsess myself into losing weight

Step 3: Sit at “goal weight” for a while (140 lbs.) spending tons of time at the gym, eating 1200 calories or less per day

Step 4: Thrown off track by a sad event, a long day, a vacation, then spiral into an eating, gym-skipping frenzy

Step 5: Weigh more than I did at step 1

 At all of these steps, I obsessed over food and food choices. I thought about food all the time- how much of it I was allowed to eat, when I could stuff myself again, badgering myself over indulgences. I hated what I saw when I looked in the mirror. I wished to look like this person or that person, to look good in one outfit or another. I swung from eating disorder to eating disorder. As far as my life was concerned, misery was the name of the game.

College years - weight around 160lb

College years - weight around 160lb

After seemingly endless years of this cycle, I resolved to be done, and the moment I resolved to be done was that moment when it finally clicked that I was about to get married. I wasn’t spurred by a “sweatin’ for the weddin’” or a “fit bride” mentality. My inspiration came from the fact that I was about to commit my life to someone who offers me nothing but love and kindness, yet I couldn’t give myself even an ounce of personal respect.


December 2016; when I first started working with Teresa. Mostly cardio and low calories.

December 2016; when I first started working with Teresa. Mostly cardio and low calories.

Enter: Teresa

 The Fitness Industry (capital letters, here) has us all believing a few things about ourselves:

1.     Cardio and crunches are the best ways to get in shape

2.     Things like expensive fat loss pills and “fit teas” are your magic beans

3.     Carbs and fats are bad

4.     Staying in shape is and should be painful (waist shapers, Insanity Workout)

5.     Fitness is an all-or-nothing deal

 So, when I started working with Teresa, I was faced with a lot of surprises:

 I was surprised when my workouts consisted of balance, strength, and stability exercises without the inclusions of an elliptical (my go-to, most relied upon workout).

 I was surprised when I wasn’t asked to track calories eaten or burned.

 I was surprised when I was required to journal as a fitness and weight loss tool.

 I was surprised when I was asked to forgive myself.

 The revelation

 A funny thing happened when I stopped being stubborn in my old ways and dove head-first into Teresa’s knowledge, when I offered myself just a glimpse of kindness, focused on nutrition instead of calories, cared about numbers on dumbbells instead of numbers on the elliptical: my body started changing. My arms changed. My stomach changed. My face changed. My legs changed. My whole way of thinking about my physical wellbeing changed.

 It became easy to avoid doughnuts at the office, because I knew I’d feel tired and sluggish if I ate a big sugary treat instead of my nutritious lunch.

 It became easy to stop eating when I’m full, because I know I’ll be uncomfortable if I eat too much.

 It became easy to wake up for the gym at 4:45 a.m. because I am excited to see if I can lift heavier, burpee longer, or row faster than I did the previous workout.

It became easy to avoid my most favorite vice (champagne!) during the week because I am excited for those morning workouts.

 Final thoughts and lessons learned

My wedding was one month ago, and the actions I started taking six months before the wedding are now habit. Meal prep, listening to body cues, and positive self-talk have all taken the place of cardio obsession and food worry.

 I eat my vegetables, but I enjoy pizza. I exercise five days per week, but I sip on champagne. So what did I really learn?

1. I learned that having a knowledgeable, positive coach like Teresa can change your world.

2. I learned to ignore the Fitness Industry’s marketing, the sales pitches, and the B.S. designed to prey on our deepest insecurities.

3. I learned that our actions become our habits, good and bad.

4. I learned that no physical change can happen until a mental one happens first, and that mental shift is some pretty positive stuff.

 Moderation, rather than misery, is now the name of the game for me, and I couldn’t be happier.

Present day

Present day

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