How to Get Started with a Movement Practice


Connect with your goals

Do a quick writing exercise where you connect with your goals on a deeper level. Why do you want to be active? So you feel sexy? At-home in your body?  So that you have a better relationship with your body? So you maintain good energy levels? So you can outlive your enemies and run fast to pet all the dogs of the world?

Be like a child. Keep asking why why why. WHY? Keep asking WHY until you find the root of the reason. You’ll be surprised what you can whittle it down to and tell you about your own values as a human.This might seem intense but then when you’re trying to talk yourself out of a movement practice, it forces you to realign with yourself and dig deep to show up for yourself.

Plan and simplify

Our brains like EASY. It will find anyway possible to avoid doing something difficult. It’s not your fault...blame it on your brain! :-P That doesn’t mean we can’t hack the process so that we don’t get bogged down with over-thinking and excuses. I always tell my clients to have standards for themselves. Some example of this would be a standard to get in two strength training workouts per week. I don’t like the word rule because it makes me feel rebellious, but a standard I can get behind.

Make an appointment with yourself just like you would with a coach. Why is it that we can break appointments with ourselves but not with others? Have respect for yourself and set a STANDARD to keep your workout appointment.

In order to make your fitness routine a habit, get everything ready the night before. Pack your gym bag or lay out your clothes and water bottle. If you’re a coffee drinker, use that automatic coffee setting! I look forward to my morning cup of joe and waking up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee is lovely and motivating.

Cute threads and gym selfies

Another great motivation is getting some new gym clothes. I know when I have something that I feel cute and confident in, I’m way more excited to hit the gym. Take some gym selfies while you’re at it and hashtag #BEALION. I LOVE seeing gym selfies and I’ll like and comment supportive things up the wazoo. I’m always fully supportive of people trying to challenge themselves and break out of their comfort zone and I KNOW how scary and difficult that can be.

 Generate momentum

If it’s too difficult to actually get to a gym, change your expectations. Make it so that it’s impossible to talk yourself out of it! Generate momentum by doing some simple movement at home and FEELING that endorphin rush and sweaty glow you get from moving yo’ body. Some people say that they don’t find any joy in movement. To that I say….GET CURIOUS!

What did you enjoy doing as a child? Riding a bike? Dancing? Doing cartwheels? Climbing trees?

It’s 2018 and the amount of options for exercise and movement are endless. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a tree-climbing class somewhere. If not, someone take that as a business idea. You’re welcome.

*SIDE NOTE* I tried “Buti Yoga” once and it was super fun. The women were encouraging of one another, you got to dance and act primal while still getting in a killer sweat session, and it went by super fast. Check out Zen Soul Studio if you live close to Scottsdale!

If you didn’t move much as a’ll just take a little more exploration and curiosity. Be kind and patient with yourself through out that process and try different things. Don’t feel obligated or hesistate to dislike anything, however, just know that whenever you start something new there’s an element of challenge and fear. Once you push through that wall, a whole new world can open up.

Phone a friend

I always recommend hiring a coach when you're first starting out, but if you have zero interest or it's not in your budget, ask of your friends if they've been thinking about starting a workout regimen. Better yet, if you have a friend that you KNOW is passionate about fitness, ask them to show you around their gym or get in a workout together.

Most people that loove fitness are passionate as hell about it. Chances are, they will gladly help you out so that you can feel comfortable getting going. People that love and support you want to see you doing healthy things for yourself!

An accountability partner is also a GREAT way to sustain motivation and make movement fun and social. I guarantee you that someone in your community or circle of friends + family would be interested if you put the feelers out there. Make a Facebook status or IG post seeking this and you'd be surprised who pipes up!


Bodyweight + resistance bands

Don’t want a gym membership or you have zero desire to exercise in public??

That’s when bodyweight workouts and resistance bands are my jam! I always have some bands on hand for those days I just can’t possibly make it to a full workout.  If you can’t do a 30 minute workout, do a 10 minute bodyweight workout 3 times a day. Squats, push ups, and glute bridges. Bam. You can even just so some simple stretches to feel immediate gratification and suppleness. The blood flow and energy might encourage you to want to feel that way more often! Keep it simple.

What creative movement practices have you tried? If not, what’s stopping you from exploring movement? Comment below!

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