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intuitive bodywork

Intuitive bodywork is a combination of the VOILA method, Reiki, and stretch therapy. All of these modalities work together to move and release trapped emotion and energetic blocks within the body. Intuitive bodywork promotes harmony and balance. It’s an effective, non-invasive way of enhancing the body’s natural healing ability whilst energizing and promoting overall wellness. You will leave with mantras tailored to your needs and work to do on your own as a personal practice.

All sessions incorporate energy healing. We are made of energy. When your emotional energetic body gets overwhelmed, it places that energy in the physical body which results in pain. It’s HEAVY carrying around emotional baggage and you will feel lighter and more at ease to let go of it.


If you have physical pain and are not sure where it stems from or you’ve already tried various modalities, the VOILA Method is an innovative way of helping the body in healing itself. The VOILA method addresses and aligns our Structural Joint System, known as our skeletal system, and when it becomes aligned with itself we experience harmony within our bodies. It was created by Joel Crandall, a kinesiologist and exercise physiologist. I was trained directly by Joel to be a VOILA method practitioner.

VOILA teaches us how to communicate with the subconscious so physical healing can happen quicker. 90% of pain in the body is caused by stuck emotions and subconscious programming, so we work together to identify and clear subconscious belief patterns so we can move you forward. The body works in metaphors and uses physical pain to communicate with you. However, it can be challenging to decipher the messages it’s trying to send to you and VOILA works brilliantly to do so.

With VOILA, there’s no guessing when it comes to healing the body. Your body will guide me to the direct source whether it is structurally or emotionally. By addressing the emotional body in conjunction with the physical body, you can actually GET better instead of just feeling better. VOILA is also effective from a distance so it can be done over Skype. However, if you are able to come in-person that is preferred.


First, I run an initial assessment to engage with your body. This is where I “talk” to the body to see what needs to be balanced physically. Balancing your joints physically will help me gain your body’s trust so that it will reveal what emotions are causing the issue as well. I never know what is going to show up in a session and sometimes you’ll be having pain in a completely unrelated area to what is causing the pain. For example, you could be having neck pain that originates from your toes!

After I balance you physically, we can check in emotionally and see what is causing your Chakras to be out of alignment. You have to be willing to explore your subconscious feelings; they may or may not resonate with your present day situation. Emotions are messengers that will give us more information about your physical symptoms.

I know this method is very outside the box, but that’s what makes it so fun! Show up with an open mind and an open heart and amazing things can happen.

Additionally, stretch therapy will be used if your central nervous system needs to come down or if you just need to relax. Stretch therapy also shifts and moves energy through the fascial lines and is great for the lymphatic system, hydrating tissue, tight joints, and muscles. You can book a FULL session of stretch therapy if your body needs relaxation and healing physical touch.

the completion process + parts work

The Completion Process is a method developed by Teal Swan to heal past childhood traumas and integrate your internal fragments. I was trained by Teal and her team to be a Certified Completion Process Practitioner. The Completion Process (CP) is an emotional re-birth experience in which I serve as an emotional midwife - and like an actual birth, it is a highly individual and organic process - thus, it cannot be rushed or hurried. This powerful healing process allows you to retrieve lost aspects of yourself that fractured in the moment of trauma, in order to become whole again.

Most people experience immense emotional relief from using CP. You may be able to access good-feeling emotions (e.g., peace, relaxation, happiness) that you never felt before - this is because when you suppress your ability to feel negative emotions, you also suppress your ability to feel positive emotions, so this process will open you up to access a greater range of emotions and heightened sensitivity. You may become less afraid to feel your feelings because although this process requires you to feel super uncomfortable feelings, you come out of it feeling much better than before. Also, you may no longer be triggered by previous triggers that you used for CP, or experience decreased reactivity to them. Moreover, you may find that you no longer feel inclined to engage in unhealthy coping behaviors (e.g., substance use) because we have addressed the actual root of the problem. Overall, you will likely experience greater self-awareness and wholeness, as you access aspects of yourself that have been suppressed or buried in the subconscious mind. Because this process will allow you to reconnect with who you really are, it will help you achieve what you truly want in life (e.g., relationships, human connection, career, etc), if you are willing to let go of what is no longer serving you.

Anyone who experiences triggers, are willing to feel their emotions, and are ready to change aspects of their lives that are no longer serving them.

If you are not used to connecting with your emotions, this process may be challenging because it requires you to be unconditionally present with yourself. Similarly, taking psychotropic medication (and regular alcohol/substance use) may interfere with this process as they may decrease your ability to fully feel your feelings. In such cases, it might be helpful to learn to connect and feel your feelings before moving forward with a CP session.


Sessions + Cost 

*Per Session Payment*

60 minutes: $100

90 minutes: $140


3-Pack $285 ($5 savings per session)

5-Pack $450 ($10 savings per session)

10-Pack $850 ($15 savings per session)

*Please specify when you book if this will be a REMOTE healing session. Otherwise all sessions are assumed to be in-person!*

 Cancellation/Reschedule Policy- Please reschedule or cancel AT LEAST 24 hours in advance. My schedule books up quickly and I want to help as many people as I can :) If you purchase a package and reschedule or cancel after the 24 hour time period, your session is forfeited. Thank you for your understanding!